Leanne's Post Graduate certificated Courses

Post graduate external courses/ observation training 
Observation of shoulder surgery with Professor Funk
Hypermobility Masterclass
External course – Major Knee Injuries in Sport
Oct, Nov, Dec 2011 Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation, 6 days, College of Health &
Social Care, University of Salford

Sept 2010 Tendinopathies Masterclass: Upper & Lower Limb, 2 days, Dr. Jill Cook &
Dr. Jeremy Lewis

Aug 2010 Clinical Educators Course, 2 days, School of Public Health and Clinical
Sciences (Physiotherapy), Uclan

May 2010 Shoulder Update Course, 1 day, Salford Orthopaedic Series

Feb 2010 Applications of Electroacupuncture for the Treatment of Musculoskeletal
Pain, 1 day, Dr. Panos Barlas

Mar 2009 An Orthopaedic Update, 2 hours, BMI Health Care

Feb 2009 Sporting Hip & Groin, 2 days, James Moore & Mark Young

Jul 2008 GP & Allied Health Professionals Orthopaedic Update, 1 day, Dept. of
Orthopaedics Southport and Omskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Apr 2008 Kinetic Control: Diagnosis of Mechanical Dysfunction and Stability
Retraining of the Neck and Shoulder Girdle, 4 Days, Grete
Mellingen Homstol

Jan 2008 40 Hour Acupuncture Top up Course, Jennie Longbottom

Nov 2007 The Combined Approach to the Sacroiliac Joint, 2 days, Howard Turner

July 2007 Evaluation and Management of Whiplash Associated Disorders, 2 days,
James Elliot

Sept 2006 Explain Pain: A Neuromatrix Approach To Chronic Pain, Seminar, Lorimer

Oct 2006 ‘Going Global’ The Ultimate Lower Quarter Course, 2 days, Tanya Bell

Nov 2004 Shoulder Unplugged, 2 days, Tony Wilson

Mar 2004 Health Care Records on Trial, 1 day, Andrew Andrews

Mar 2004 Taping Techniques for Sport, 1 day, Victoria Dickens

Nov 2003 Myofascial & Viscerofascial Assessment & Treatment, 2 days, S

Sept 2002 NSMI Sports First Aid Course, 2 days

Apr 2002 Sports Injury and Rehabilitation, 2 days, Sid Ahamed et al

Feb 2002 Clinical Education Course, 2 days, Jo Carmello et al

Nov 2001 Basic Acupuncture Course for Pain Relief, 4 days, George Chia

May 2001 Clinical Reasoning in Disorders of the Lower Quadrant, 5 days, Matthew
Newton et al

Mar 2001 Spinal Stabilisation & Muscle Imbalance, 2 days, Chris Norris

Jan 2001 SSTMs of the shoulder, 1 day, Glen Hunter

Apr 2000 Nags & Snags, 1 day, Gavin Cummings

Jan 2000 Clinical reasoning in Disorders of the Upper Quadrant, 5 days, Matthew
Newton et al