Movement & Performance Screening

Troubled by recurrent injury? Need to stay fit? Want to play better?

If you’re serious about your sport, have a recurring injury or want to perform to a higher level, our screening and retraining system will help you get the best results.

Add movement to your life and years to your movement.

It’s easy to take everyday movement for granted. That is until you have a pain or injury that stops you from doing the things you love.


FIND:  We assess you performing a series of specific movement test to identify the impairments responsible for injury risk.


ANALYSE: The clinical reasoning we carry out enables us to assess your movement efficiency and generate a bespoke program


FIX: Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop and implement a personalised retraining package • With regular ongoing assessment you can monitor your progress

The sky’s the limit when you’re free to move!

Our  physiotherapists have the expert skills to keep the active, active for longer whilst improving your overall wellbeing. Now you can take ownership of your movement health, to do more of the things you value and even do them better than before. Our specialist practitioners use the very latest movement analysis and retraining to help you release your full performance potential. Now you can benefit from a dynamic health solution that delivers a flexible and fully personalised plan to meet your exact needs and objectives.

 With a flexible, personalised approach our specialist practitioners can help you with:


Managing and reducing pain


Predicting and preventing injury


Improving your personal performance

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