Pilates Classes

Improve posture & muscle tone, core strength, flexibility, joint mobility while relieving tension and stress. With our APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) trained chartered physiotherapists you could not be in better hands.

What is pilates?

Joseph Pilates “Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.”

The Pilates method is essentially a mind-body centering technique that emphasises the importance of beginning movement from a central core of stability, namely the lumbo-pelvic region. From this central core the pilates method works by adjusting the intensity of each exercise through the use of differing length levers ( various limb movements ) and resistance ( using pilates equipment such as magic circles, theraband, weighted balls ). Combine this with appropriate breathing control and the essence of the mind-body technique that is pilates is evident.

Joseph Pilates believed that by concentrating on precision of movement, awareness of breath control and a continual flowing movement , the exerciser will be able to alter abnormal patterns of movement and achieve a carry over effect into daily function.

Chartered Physiotherapists already devote much of their time correcting muscle imbalance and poor movement efficiency in the lumbar spine and peripheral joints, so if we are able to use the pilates method as another tool in our kit to help people move freely and in a balanced and aligned way then great!

Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities as the exercises can be adapted to accommodate a range of abilities. Please discuss anything with your instructor prior to the class.

APPI Pilates Trained

As physios we are probably the most skilled professionals in identifying movement imbalances, so using the APPI pilates trained physio you.can be sure you are in capable hands. Our classes run weekly at Versatile in six week blocks and you can also have 121 sessions by appointment.

Classes are deliberately limited to no more than 10 in a class to ensure correct movement and tutoring at all times. The pilates studio is a spacious, peaceful and comfortable space just perfect for pilates. Come and see for yourself!

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