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What To Expect

We treat the symptoms and the cause of the symptoms and we offer sports performance screening to help identify areas of uncontrolled movement, treat these and prevent injury.

Our post graduate training is carried out with your needs in mind. We attend further training programs that stretch our knowledge and skills so that we can provide you with the most effective treatment based on current research and evidence based techniques to help you back on track! Our aim is to provide excellent and long lasting results for your benefit. Why not come along to the clinic and see what Versatile Clinic can do for you. Treatment are tailored to your presentation of symptoms.

When you arrive at the clinic we begin by taking a detailed history of your current complaint. We ask a lot of questions relating to the problem and ask about your past medical history, any medications that you take, and questions about your lifestyle. we also ask about changes that have occurred, be that related to training, type of equipment used etc. It is important to ask these questions as the answers you give will be relevant to your treatment. The answers form the basis of the objective examination. This is when we observe your posture and watch you moving. We carry out a number of tests on your joints, nerve pathways and also palpate or “feel” joint and muscle movement. The results of all these activities together with the answers given in the first part of the assessment will help make a diagnosis. Often the underlying cause may be some distance from where you actually feel the pain. This is because pain often refers to different parts of the body.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathology, chartered physiotherapists are able to make accurate diagnosis and offer appropriate treatment.

You are given a full explanation of our findings and you are offered an opportunity to ask questions relating to your condition. Advice is given regarding the management of the problem and gives you an idea of the likely outcome following treatment. if physiotherapy is not indicated, then we may refer you back to your GP or to a specialist for further investigations.

Only after a full assessment, and with your consent, will treatment begin.






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