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Yoga classes with Pam

As a registered British Wheel of Yoga Teacher ( Pam has been teaching yoga since 1999. Yoga is for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well being in their life.

Benefits include:


Increased flexibility


Relief from stress


Stamina and strength

Stress Relief

Yoga cannot take the stress out of your life but it can help you deal with it more effectively. The practice of yoga is not just about turning up at a class to carry out physical posture work. It is more than that. It is a journey of self discovery allowing the student to connect to the breath, notice the busy mind and release tension from the whole being – it is complete.

Change Your Life

Whatever your reasons for wanting to start yoga you will soon find it impacts many parts of your life. When you have been practising for a while you will notice you develop a more positive outlook on life, as well as a change in attitude to how you think about yourself and others. You may notice a change in diet naturally occurs as your awareness grows about how you treat your physical body.

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